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Like them, but I like my OGs even more

I love huha and could not imagine my life without them now ! However, I would recommend the original colours because the fabric is thicker. The purple ones feel less "luxe" because they are thinner but they are very soft. I like having the option of a lighter version of the fabric but definitely if there are more colours in the future (which I hope) i also hope it will be with the original fabric. The purple ones run a little bigger too.. I don't know if it is because they are more stretchy or if the fabric is just of a lesser quality. Last thing, is kind of weird but with the original's thicker fabric offers a good coverage (aka no form fitting of your huha if you know what I mean) but with this thinner fabric you can sometimes see things you don't really want to show. SO I like them, but would rather buy the originals again instead of the thinner fabric! be aware that they are not totally the same if you buy the purple ! (I bought M thongs and briefs which are the same as my usual huhaunderwear)

Mineral Brief Undies
Alexandra Bichler
The Miracle Undies!

I cannot tell you how much I love these undies! They are an absolute God-send. I have a medical condition that causes me to produce an extraordinary amount of vaginal discharge, so I’ve always needed to wear pads of some sort in order to feel dry, even in-between my period. I decided to try these briefs on a whim via an Instagram add, and I tell you - I don’t feel wet! I don’t even have to wear pads anymore - the undies wick away all of the excess moisture that my body produces. And that’s after a grueling 13-hour stretch at work to boot. Even with all the running around that I do, it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing underwear at all - no more chaffing, no more tugging and pulling, no more infections! All the other undies I’ve owned have gone right into the trash! I only wish they had more available. Please restock soon!
Of note, I am 5’2”, weigh 120lbs, and ordered a size S in the briefs - they fit perfectly!

Why didn't I buy these sooner?!?!?

When I got an email that gave me early access to the limited edition color, I decided to place an order. I'm the kind of gal who likes fancy matching bras and panties (and I have A LOT), but those kind of panties aren't the most comfortable things to wear, especially on days like today when there is a heatwave going on. These thongs aren't sticky or sweaty, and they don't pinch, ride up, or...smell after a day of wearing them outside in 90° weather. I'm always concerned about sizing, but I followed the size chart and ordered what size I am in most brands (small). They are perfect. Nothing cuts in or rubs skin. I can't wait for beige and grey to come back in stock so I can try some other styles too!

High Waist Sexiness, Full Coverage Comfy

I've been a fan of Huha since the pre-launch of their first two styles of amazing underwear. Their undies are seriously a game changer and I've been replacing my Calvins with Huhas. The Brief is my latest favourite. I'm such a fan of the heigh waist and the full coverage is super comfortable, and what's great is that it doesn't show a panty line like a regular cut; so on the days I don't feel like wearing a thong, I grab these and feel sexy + confident. Perfect for jeans, sweatpants, dresses, and also just great to lounge around in!


I now have the black and purple thongs (3 pack) and they are amazing. They are the only underwear I will be buying moving forward!


I ordered my first 3-pack of (black) briefs a few months ago, and found that I was doing a lot more laundry than normal so I could wear them more often. :) I've found that they hold their shape and elastic quite well even after plenty of washes (in cold water; hung to dry). Naturally, I ordered a 3-pack of grey and I love them just as much, and then almost immediately ordered the purple. Somehow, the purple fabric is EVEN SOFTER?! These briefs are high rise, cover my bum just how I like, and do very little bunching up. I get excited to put on fresh undies when it is a pair of these!

Love these!

I pre-ordered the thong and have since ordered more. Great quality, good fit. Love them.

Ridiculously comfy!

They feel like quality and are ridiculously comfy! 10/10 recommend.

The only underwear I’ll ever wear again!

Your Huha will thank you for wearing these! I now have 6 pairs of cheeky and 3 thongs and they are the only underwear I will wear.

The natural fibres allows my vagina to breathe, as well as have less sweat and odour. Both styles I have are also super comfortable both overall and at the waist.

I also love the undies wash and wash bag. They come out smelling amazing every time.

I’ve gotten 3 friends to switch to Huha and many others are waiting for their orders!

Love supporting this woman run small business that is Canadian and size inclusive!

Buy These Immediately!!

Seriously, you deserve these undies! I am so in love with them. They are incredibly soft, have such a flattering fit, and keep you fresh all day! I will definitely be returning to buy more! Bottom (no pun intended) line, BUY THESE! Your body will thank you!

Beyond Amazing!

I got the purple version of these by accident when I ordered the briefs and customer service was BEYOND helpful to make sure I get the briefs as well. I actually fell in love with these too! I usually don't go for cheeky cut because they constantly give me wedgies but these really do stay put. They're such a flattering cut and color. Not to mention the SOFTNESS. They are so comfortable, I want to replace all of my undies with Huha!! Thank you so much for my undies! <3

Mineral Cheeky Undies
Emmeline Agassini

💸 Cheeky Ships on or before May 1st

Support Women Owned Small Business

So soft and comfy. Love knowing they keep my lady bits healthy. Supporting small business is very important & we gotta stick together as women & those who identify as women in helping each other succeed. Think before you leave a low star review & ask yourself, is it really related to the product itself or did it not just work for me? Make sure to measure yourself & follow their helpful guidelines. Even in real stores you can’t return worn underwear. If it doesn’t fit and you can only return the unworn pairs just consider it a donation to a great business and move on :)

Mineral Thong Undies
France Harkins
Best underwear ever owned!

I’ve ordered 3 times for thong and briefs. I totally in love with these underwear! They are confortable, simple, seamless, feel amazing and, they are made for he real life!
The customer service is wonderful!

Long live Huha! 💜

Mineral Cheeky Undies
Phoebe Jackson
Best Purchase - Highly Recommend

I have purchased x2 6 packs (thong and cheeky). They are incredible and I can't recommend them enough! Super soft and fit really well, even after washing.
I've struggled to find good quality underwear that's not damaging to your most sensitive parts and I'm so happy to have found Huha. Supporting a local Canadian, female business that is also great for the environment is a huge bonus!!

Mineral Thong Undies
Elyse Austen
Changed my life!

Thank you so much for this amazing product! I needed help after looking so hard for underwear that helps not hinders my body! I’m beyond thrilled

Most comfortable underwear!!!!

I promise these are worth it for the price!!! You are paying for wonderfully made, luxe, and unreal comfortable underwear! They hold you in but also have the softest waistband! I will def be purchasing again!

Mineral Cheeky Undies
Emily Cadue-Taillon
Best undies ever!

These are my go to underwear for everyday wear. They’re beyond comfortable and for being such good quality and thicker than average underwear, they don’t display a panty line as harshly as one would expect. They’re so soft, that material is sublime, and that’s probably also why the line isn’t harsh. They’re “cheeky” but I would say that just means they’re not full coverage underwear; meaning they’re not as “cheeky” as one would expect being described that way. Bottom line is they’re worth the money!

Mineral Brief Undies
WOW changed my perception of panties

When I first got Huha I didn't know what to except... I was used to having bad odors, problems with PH etc... and then my life changed!!! They are comfy, pretty, soft, they wash well, they make you smell good, they don't roll down, they don't roll up... I have brief and cheeky and I am now getting rid of all my other panties to get only them ! I would recommend a 100% such a good investment for you and your body !

Mineral Brief Undies
Katharine Nowlan
I love these briefs 😍🍑

The briefs are my new favorite comfy pick. Great for under a dress or lounging around the house. I am a 3 time return buyer to Huha and love the undies more every time.

Mixed Bundle Builder
jillisa byard
Sooo comfy

I have 6 pairs of briefs (grey and black) and love them. Super soft and cozy. Can’t wait to try the cheeky and thong next! Supporting a female owned small business was a nice bonus.

Mineral Thong Undies
Erin Waterman
Worth every penny

Best purchase I have made in a long time! I can’t explain enough how amazing these feel and fit perfect for me! I am slowly changing out all my underwear and huha is going to be 90 %! They don’t cut in at the hips like others and love the zinc layer! Keep up the amazing products :) can’t wait for my purples to arrive!!


Underwear that feels amazing, keeps my bum looking peachy, and makes me feel clean and taken care of. It’s worth every penny ladies THROW THOSE OLD ONES OUT YOU KNOW YOU HAVE THEM YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE BETTER!

BEST underwear I own!

I decided to try out Huha mainly because they’re a small, local, woman-owned business (plus my underwear drawer needed a serious upgrade)! I purchased the three-pack of thongs on pre-order, received (and loved) them, immediately purchased a six pack, and THEN the limited edition purple came out, so I bought three of those, too. Clearly, I like them just a little! They’re super comfy, don’t move all over the place, have excellent coverage, and help you feel fresh all day! I’ve already recommended Huha to family and friends, and will continue to. 💜

Cheeky Ships on or before May 1st
Jennifer Nesdoly-Power
Super comfy

Love them. The material is so soft.